About Us




Club Ethos

Our intention is Netball For All by offering a range of Netball opportunities for players of all ages and abilities.


Club Statement

We want all our players at all levels to improve, be competitive and enjoy experiencing success. We want our netball to be played in the correct spirit, fairly and where ideas and creativity on the court are encouraged.


It is important that players of all ages develop whilst still having fun; this creates the correct environment in order to learn and progress. Progression occurs over years, not months and weeks. Our players play netball in a positive, inclusive environment, where ability is not the only focus. We believe our netball will be competitive if played in this way and individuals/teams will develop over time towards their potential if treated in the correct manner. 


If you have any concerns or issues in any way, please contact our Safeguarding Officer,

Maureen Ford by email or on 07786 22 55 62.


U18 Player Code of Conduct

Over 18 Code of Conduct


Coach/Volunteer/Official Code of Conduct


Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct